Cameroon Christian University

The quest for knowledge remains the most profound and noblest desire man can persue. Being one of the chapions in the provision of education to Cameroonians, the PCC is once again called to duty to spread its tentacles in the area of Higher Education more than ever before through the creation of a Christian University in Cameroon. On her part, the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon believes that it is time for such inovation to take place. In the words of the Rt. Rev. Dr. Nyansako-ni-Nku, current Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, he says:

... We believe that the core values of the Christian faith are essential ingredients that can play a fundamental role in character formation and eventually lead to social transformation.Through the years, there have been persistent calls for the creation of such a University. Members of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC), and the Bali Old Boys Association (BOBANS), ordinary Cameroonians, opinion leaders etc. at diferent times expressed the need for a University that would be inspired by strong Christian values. Disillusioned by the ambiguities of secular education, it is generally believed that such a university will make a difference, because it will recognize God as the source of all knowledge and wisdom.

It is our prayer that the Christian University will produce the much-needed genuine intellectual for our society. Thus, the University will promote the pursuit of excellence and the search for truth. To the genuine intellectual, knowledge is for the public good, and the glorification of God, in whom we move and have our being. Thus the proposed Christian University will seek to create in the students, a life long desire for learning and an eternal love for service to humanity.The project offers all of us an opportunity to write our names in gold, as those who contributed their scarce resources to bequeath to posterity, a most valuable gift. We also solicit the kind and generous donations of friendly organizations and people of goodwill all over the world, who believe like we do, in the universality of education...

In his final words, he commends the great work put forth by members of the Committee for the Creation of a Christian University (CEPU). and acknowledges the many hours of long meetings they have put in.

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