Lay Training and Evangelism

The department for Lay Training and Evangelism is as old as the PCC. It was created to foster the evangelistic mission of the church, even though by some dint of history it came to be part of the department for Men’s work for a couple of years.

The synod of the church sensing the great need for this department re-instated it in the church in 2010 and it went functional with the staffing committee appointed the head of the department and a regional secretary.The following year 2012, a special committee appointed by the synod of the church met in Kumba and ratified the proposed programs of the department.

Objective: The main aim of this department in the church is to equip the laity with understanding, skills and knowledge to help them grow in faith and serve God in a better and more committed way. That is why programs and activities have been developed to meet this aim. This will be achieved by carrying out work in two faces:
i) Go ministry: They go to the field for refresher training courses.
ii) Came Ministry: Invite others in the field to come for refresher training courses.
 Their activities include:
1. Leadership development: This department organizes seminars on leadership training with groups and church leaders, it carries out yearly refresher courses and retreats for pastors in the field, it organizes seminar of social concern are equally organized this deal with widows, single parents, drivers, okada riders and the aged. There is equally the training of voluntary church workers and coordinators in different presbyteries.
2. Continous Theological training and formation of ecumenical bible institution: At first, these institutions were in kumba and Bamenda. As of now, the kumba Centre is not functional. Plans are still to be made to reinstitute it in kumba.
3. Christian family life program: This program consists of the following;
i) Christian home and family life which is under the committee of the Ministry.
ii) Presbyterian marriage encounter movements- here couples come together to receive counseling from others.
iii) Evangelism discipline and coordination.
4. Evangelism discipline and coordination: In charge of choir associations in churches in different presbyteries. Where there is disorder, meetings are organized to put them together. Cordination of choir associations and door to door crusades are equally carried out.
5. Documentation and Christian literature publication: The department is in charge of publishing various documents. Examples include: Morning Glory- which is a daily devotional, Yearly Sermon Acids,among others.
The projects of this department are sponsored by Mission 21 (capacity building project).

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