Women’s Education and Empowerment Programme (WEEP)

Our Motto: Empowering women for sustainable development.

Who We Are: We are a faith based organization interested in human and community development. We are also interested in creating positive impact in the lives of people within rural communities especially the female gender who suffers the most as far as marginalization is concern; we are engage in encouraging women and girl child education, economic empowerment and gender awareness for men. We have a passion for women’s emancipation. We are committed to break the chains of ignorance and having victims of marginalization speak out.


Our mission is to reduce the gender gaps perpetrated by injustices in socioeconomic and cultural spheres thus improving the status of the marginalized and underprivileged and girls in the society.


We visualize becoming a sustainable development organization on the socio-economic, cultural and political spheres of communities and ensuring gender sensitivity.

Target Population

We target the vulnerable population (women, men and youths) in rural communities.

About Us

Area of Focus

-          Educational empowerment of women and the Girl child

-          Gender awareness for men

-          Sexuality education for youths

-          Entrepreneurship

-          Governance

Current Projects

-          Promoting girl child education

-          Sexuality education for youths

-          Achieving Planet 50/50 by 2035 through HeForShe clubs in schools and communities


The Board

WEEP has a board that coordinates and oversees the general project affairs (from planning, implementation and monitoring) and ensures that it is successful. The board is made up of 8 members (3 ex=officio and 5 seasoned project experts within and out of the PCC.


We do not hesitate to thank to appreciate the efforts of our partners who have tirelessly contributed to the success of WEEP projects. They have collaborated with us in different aspects especially in the sustainability of WEEP. 

Municipal Development Counsel Group (MUDEC)


Association of Fako Female Councilors(AFFCO)

Association of Meme Female Councilors (AMFCO)


Bread for the World (BftW)

Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC)



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